CNN claims healthcare giant Kaiser poll shows people love their insurance policy

CNN made a claim today citing health insurance giant Kaiser poll claiming, “people love their insurance plan”.

The Kaiser poll CNN is claiming is from 2013 and asks the question “Do you have a generally favorable or unfavorable opinion of your own health insurance company?” At the height of the ACA before providers started giving its policy holders problematic red tape. CNN analyst Harry Enten says, The Kaiser poll shows 72% of Democratic support for private health insurance companies. Even when it comes to healthcare costs the author makes the claim 61% were satisfied. This is why most of the 2020 Democratic candidates don’t want to eliminate private insurance. Enten then cites a late 2018 Gallup poll that gave data that showed 82% of Democrats said their healthcare was good or excellent. That claim alone backs up Warrens statement. “people love their healthcare, not their insurance company.”

Enten went further to say Even if Warren or Sanders become the nominee, we should note their healthcare stances are likely to be more harmful in the general election. The article does not directly give any citations to the polls he cites in his article to justify the claims, but it does provide a link to a Keiser monthly newsletter with a 2019 graph showing 77% support for Medicare for all.

Cnn article can be found at the following link: