Cinema Disaster- 976-EVIL (1989) Retrospective

on this episode of cinema disaster we’regoing to be talking about the 1989 horror film 976 evil this is another film that I think is a lot of fun it was directed by Robert Englund who all of you should know as the guy who played Freddy Krueger in the Nightmare on Elm Street series this was actually his first directorial debut this movie though I feel is really underrated you got panned by the critics hardcore when it came out and I’ve known people before say that they didn’t think this movie was very good but I enjoyed it and I guess just because I enjoy it doesn’t mean that it’s a good film because trust me I enjoy a lot of bad movies before I tell you the plot of this film probably need to explain the title to some of the younger viewers that are out there go back in the 80s and in the early 90s there was a ton of 976 numbers they were the back of all these magazines and most of them were porn line you know porn hotlines you can call and have phone sex with somebody for two or three dollars a minute and eventually what that evolved into was these one 900 numbers that became a huge thing and everybody had a 900 number there was a 900 number for anything you could possibly think of Corey Feldman and Corey Haim had one Freddy Krueger Hulk Hogan you name it they had it so when Robert Englundpitched the idea of this film to the studio he thought wouldn’t it be great if here’s a spoiler alert because I’m going to ruin what 9 7 6 evil is for anybody out there who hasn’t seen it but youneed to be honest with yourself if this movie came out on VHS and laser disc in 1989 and it’s 2019 if you haven’t seen this movie by now you you’re never going to so it doesn’t really make a difference when Robert Englund pitched this to the studios he’s like you know we have 976 numbers for everything wouldn’t it be great if there was a 976 number that would put you in contact with the devil so that was the basic premise for this movie a hotline that puts you in contact with Satan it was a greenlit and the project was written by Rhett Topman who had wrote the movie trick or treat that I’ve also done a review for and it was also written by Brian Hagel and who also wrote the script for a nightmare and on-street for it basically follows the story of a guy named hoax and a guy named spike who are cousins and they’reliving with hoaxes super religious mother hoax is played by Stephen Jeffries who you probably know as evil from Fright Night he was in heaven helpus which is another great movie I’ve suggested a fee to watch before and he was in a fraternity vacation another film which has Barbara Crampton on it’s the classic 80s trope spike is the tough guy he rides a motorcycle he gets all the women nobody messes with him he’s the cool guy in town you know and hoax is the nerdy guy who gets no women and he gets picked on there’s a specific gang or a group of people who pick on him throughout the film and Spike is always standing up for him and getting him out of trouble well hoax is envious or jealous of spike because he’s able to get you know whatever he wants and kind of breezed through life spiking and and hopes end up stumbling across this 976 evil hotline which is supposed to be a novelty number that if you call up you know if you call it up it’ll read you your fortune spike calls it and he quickly loses interest in it the bad thing about it though is anybody that doesn’t take the bait from this number the number ends up harassing you giving you harassing phone calls and it tries to kill you hooks though however realizes that this phone number is more than just a novelty and it can give him powers beyond this world and he uses it to get the revenge on all the people that he feels has wronged him in his life only one problem with this is that for every one thing that the hotline does for him hoax becomes more and more demonically possessed until he’s completely consumed by devil possession and becomes more and more evil throughout the film as film goes on and it’s interesting to see his transition from being this nerdy character to this evil demonic entity you know that’shell-bent on revenge we have a detective in the story that is investigating these murders that are happening that hoax is causing we’ve also got spike who’s trying to get him to stop using the number of the detective ends up tracing the number to this hotline place from by a guy by the name of Mark dark who I guess is supposed to be the devil that’s pretty much like the entire premise for that without me giving away the whole movie Nancy Booth who was working as a set director on this film became involved with Robert Englund and they eventually got married Kevin Yaeger from Nightmare on Elm Street 2 3 & 4 Friday the 13th the final chapter the to Bill and Ted films as well as Bill and Ted faced the music is doing the special makeup effects on this film RCA in Columbia Pictures released this on VHS and laser disc in 1989 and it contains the uncut version because Robert England’s original cut was I think almost two hours long and made him cut a bunch of stuff out for time constraints so what you saw in the theaters is not the same version that you saw on the adjust or laser disc there was a blu-ray release of this that’s out now that does feature both the theatrical version and the uncut release of this film when this film came out like I said it was it was panned by critics and it was given all these bad reviews it said I don’t know I think one of the reviews was like 976 sorry or 976 don’t or something you know I don’t know something stupid like that I think it has like a nine percent on Rotten Tomatoes or something but but fuck them you know they don’t know what the hell they’re talking about you don’t want to listen to a movie critic I mean I’m not even a movie critic I’m just a guy that likes to talk about movies and you shouldn’t even be listening to me so I mean really just go out and watch it and make up your own mind this movie like I said was also followed by 976 evil 2 in 1992 which I also think is a decent film that one however was directed by Jim Orr now ski who you know from directing shopping mall and Patrick O’Brien who played spike is the only one that returns from the original series so that is 976 evil if you like Stephen Jeffries if you like 80s movies 80s horror things that have to do with the devil or things that have to do with sort of like a good mystery although I’ve probably run that mystery for you by now I highly suggest to this movie it it’s just it’s it’s kind of good for you in places but you will enjoy this I can almost guarantee regardless of how bad people say it is and like I said it it may be bad but it’s an enjoyable bad and I enjoy it myself so check out 976 evil and actually check out 976 evil 2 as well and until next time keep watching

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