Moscow Death Brigade: Russia’s best kept secret.

Moscow Death Brigade (short MDB, Russian: Московская Бригада Смерти (МДБ)) is a band from Moscow, Russia that plays a mix of hip-hoppunk rock and electronic music. The band’s music and masked appearance emphasize its stance against racism, sexism, homophobia.[1] The band does not consider itself a political band and claims that their views are just “human”

The group appears masked with balaclavas. The identities of the two rappers and the DJ are still kept secret.[6] The band itself refers to their music as “Circle Pit hip-hop” or “hardcore hip-hop“. In their music videos, the group often shows themselves spraying graffiti on trains or houses. The Russian and English lyrics deal with anti-fascism and are socio-critical. Topics include “police brutality, violence, mass media propaganda, social prejudice and conscription”.[6] The band sees itself as a collective to artist friends, including sprayer, concert organizers and political activists.[4][6]

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