Cinema Disaster- Top Ten Christmas Horror Films

on this episode of cinema disaster sinceit’s Christmas time we’re going to betalking about what I think is theall-time top 10 Christmas horror filmsof all time the first one I want to gointo is the 1974 film black Christmaswhich was directed by Bob Clark who alsodirected Porky’s and A Christmas Storyit’s I know it’s had like two maybethree remakes by now but the original isthe best and that’s absolutely one youneed to see and once again I’m not goingto spend a lot of time talking about theplots I’m just going to suggest theseand you can go out and watch them allwith your family you know these aregreat these are great family films forthe holidays they go right along withMiracle on 34th Street and you knowSanta Claus the movie stuff like thatsecond one I want to talk about isChristmas evil which came out in 1980 itwas also released under the title youbetter watch out and it was releasedunder the title tear and Toyland synapsefilms actually did a DVD release of thisin 2006 which actually contains an audiocommentary track by John Waters and JohnWaters as most of you know was thewriter director for you know pinkflamingos desperate living polyesterfemale trouble I mean you name it andaccording to John Waters this is thethis film here is the greatest Christmasfilm ever made so you’ll just have to goout and see for yourself the third filmI want to talk about is the nighteighty-four Joe Dante monster invasionfilm gremlins and although this moviehas nothing to do with Christmasit takes place around Christmas timewhich is why it makes the list and youeven got the great scene of the gremlinsattacking Santa Claus and the cops arejust they just sit there and like theydon’t do anything about it like isn’tthat their job like to help someone whois in troublethis guy’s got like these green monstersall over him and he’s like screaming forhelp and they’re just they roll thewindows up and and they drive off soyeahgremlins 94 I’m sure you’ve seen itholiday class succeed again the next oneon that list I want to talk about is a1984 film called night of the comet andthis is one that again has nothing to dowith Christmas what it takes placeduring Christmas time and it’s sciencefiction horror zombieslast last person on earth type of movieit’s got Katherine Mary Stewart and whowas in The Last Starfighter was inPenelope Spheeris film dudes the moviemischief and it’s a great film it’s alot of fun I think I’ve heard itreferred to as Valley Girl Meets Nightof the Living Dead so that’s that onethe fifth film I want to talk about is amovie from 1984 called Silent Nightdeadly night this is one of those filmswhere I think that the poster art isactually better than the film itself notthat it’s a terrible movie I don’t thinkit’s the greatest horror Christmas moviein the world but I mean it’s it’s okayit’s decent I own it and you know it’sbasically about a guy who goes crazy anddresses up as Santa and goes around on akilling spreethere was like I don’t know five sequelsmaybe six equals which I’ve never seenI’ve heard some of the sequels arebetter than the original so again greatposter art guy in a killer Santa ClaussuitLinnea Quigley from return to the LivingDead is in this film and I think shegets impaled by like these deer antlersfrom like a deer head that’s hanging ona wall I don’t know it’s to stand outscene to me and for whatever reason hewants you know his his tagline is punishpunish every time like he kills someoneso that is Silent Night deadly night thenext film I want to talk about isactually not Whore it’s science fictionit’s definitely a cult film it’s SantaClaus conquers the Martiansit’s from 1964 this film is completelyout there concept you know this is oneof the poster art or one of the severalposter arts for this film I actually owna VHS copy of this that has that artworkon it which I ended up finding this at avideo store here in town that was goingout of business and where most of theother films I I completely raided theirhorror section and bought like tons oftheir horror films mostly for like fivebucks a pop this one however was like17s dollars so I don’t know it was alittle more pricey than the others wellworth it though the crazy plot to thisis that these Martians invade Earth andthey kidnap Santa Claus and they takehim to Mars and it’s because there is noChristmas on Mars and the sole purposeis for him to bring Christmas to Mars tomake the Martian children happy totallyfucked up it’s a fun movie though Iwouldsay it’s the greatest a film like theplot and the art the cover art and thename alone builds up this expectation inyour mind that the movie can neverdeliver but once again it still it’senjoyable and you know I enjoy a lot ofbad movies this is a bad movie but it’sgood bad in my opinion so check that outanother one I want to talk about is amovie called well Maniac Cop 2 whichcame out in 1990 again has absolutelynothing to do with Christmas but takesplace on Christmas time so it makes thislist it was actually produced by LarryCohen who was the director for the movieGod told me to and the stuff once againI’m there was three I think three ManiacCop films Bruce Campbell is in this andthen you have Robert zidar and you knowit’s cop who gets killed comes back fromthe dead and goes around killing peoplehe’s like a zombie cop or Undead orwhatever he is but this is a really goodfilm the maniac cop series is reallygood so you know I urge you to checkthat outnext movie on my list is a movie calledmaniac and it’s from 1980 again nothingto do with Christmas but it takes placeduring Christmas time and this is abouta serial killer who goes out and killswomen and he takes their scalps and putsthem on mannequins that he has at hishouseis a great date film I remember one timeme and a friend showing it to a coupleof girls that we met out at a club onenight and they were less than impressedso yeah this is this was remade recentlyand it had mine’s going blankdude from the facultyand dude from the Lord of the Rings andThe Hobbit films I don’t know you knowwho I’m talking about though yeah umanyway Elijah Wood that’s himnext film I want to talk about on thislist is a movie called to all a goodnight and I was not aware of this filmuntil last year a friend of mine turnedme on to it and I find this a very goodfilm it’s another one of those killerSanta Clause movies only this takesplace in like this all-girl like I guessit’s like a finishing school or somesort of college or whatever it’s duringChristmas break and this movie actuallystars Jennifer Runyon who was inGhostbusters and 1970s pornstar harryreems who was in the 1972 film deepthroat and the movie the devil and MissJones and once again it’s it’s a lot offun it’s a murder mystery type orChristmas film so to all a good nightcame out in 1980 check it out next one Iwant to do is one that you’re probablynot going to expect this should be onthis list and that is in the 1946 filmIt’s a Wonderful Life and you’reprobably thinking like what the fuck isit’s a Wonderful Life doing on a movieabout Christmas horror and Cora filmswell that is because to me it’s awonderful life is like one long TwilightZone episode I mean all the shit thathappens to this guy in this movie to meis a fucking nightmare and I could eventhough Rod Serling didn’t write it ofcourse it was Francis Ford Coppola but Icould easily see this being somethingthat Rod Serling would have written andmade for a Twilight Zone episode youknow obviously it would have beencondensedshorter but this has elements in it thatare supernatural and it just goteverything it’s got the it’s gotChristmas and to me it’s got nightmarishelements to it and it’s got a lot ofheart and it’s just it is considered aChristmas classic but because of theTwilight Zoneish element that I view it to be itbelongs on this list and it should be onyours toohere’s a movie I want to mention that isnot Christmas but it’s still part of theholiday season and it’s a movie calledNew Year’s evil that came out in 1980and this is a great this is a great NewYear’s film it could also be considereda punk film I did a I did a top ten Punkmovie of all time episode check that outif you haven’t seen it this movie Ididn’t put on the list because I totallywasn’t thinking about it at the time butit’s basically this punk and new waveradio host or I can’t remember radiohost or TV host or something and she’sdoing like this all night show ontelevision and she keeps getting allthese phone calls from this killer whoclaims that he is going to startmurdering people at the stroke ofmidnight one at every stroke of midnightfor each time zone there is and it’sdefinitely a fun film is it the greatestfilm I’ve ever seen no but it isenjoyable it’s a decent film I suggestwatching it it’s a good New Year’s filmif you’re looking for something horrorand I guess yeah that’s my top 10Christmas horror or Christmas cult filmsof all time so make sure you check outin each one of these films and untilnext time keep watching

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