Cinema Disaster- The Dead Don”t Die (2019) Review

on this episode of cinema disaster we’regoing to be talking about the 2019 filmthe dead don’t die this is going to bean interesting episode I’ve been havingthese really weird anxiety symptoms thatI’ve never had before and actually theonly reason that this episode is gettingdone is because I’ve been completelyRestless for the past like 48 hours Ican’t lay down I can’t sit still andthat’s that’s usually the opposite ofwhat I do I normally stay in bed morethan half today and for some reason Ican’t stay in my bed for more than 60seconds I lay down and I just get thisweird feeling in my head this weirdfeeling in my legs and it drives me tojust get up and walk around and and doshit and I’m starting to honestly getlike really fatigued and worn out but Iam getting stuff done so there’s someupside to this but diving into this filmthe dead don’t die it was written anddirected by Jim Jarmusch who you mightknow from the movies coffee andcigarettes broken flowers strangers inparadise this is a film he came out withlast year and there’s an interestingstoryline to it where it’s because ofpolar fracking it has altered theEarth’s rotation and is causing it tostay daylight out longer and longersomehow or another you just have towatch to find out this creates thiswhole zombie epidemic in this small townthere you know there’s there’s lots ofviolence and gore you got a lot ofchopped off heads people are eaten aliveyou know and it’s a comedy horror filmso it’s not meant to be taken tooseriously but there’s a great cast inthisyou got Bill Murray Adam driver who youprobably know from the new Star Warsfilms as kylo Ren I’ve got Tom Waits I’mnot sure if there are any Tom Waits fansout there or not but it’s a greatmusician you should check that out ChloeSevigny who was in a lot of the oldHarmony Korine films kids Gummo Juliannedonkey boy and you name it then we haveSteve Buscemi who you know from airheadstrees lounge using a ton of stuff IggyPop of course singer for the StoogesCarol Kane who you might know as AndyKaufman’s girlfriend I think on the showtaxi and she was also the mom andlicense to drive she was the ghost ofChristmas past or present I can’tremember in Scrooged which is also aBill Murray film Danny Glover from theweapon films he got Selena Gomez youhave tilden Swenson and RZA from thewu-tang clan a lot of these same actorswere in coffee and cigarettes but onceagain you have and then samba cast andit’s a fun independent film and you knowif you like Jim Jarmusch film filmingstyle you know it’s sort of slower pacedso yeah just watch the dead don’t dieit’s awesome okay if you like any of thethings I talked about chopped off headsviolence and gore Bill Murray Tom WaitsIggy Pop Chloe Sevigny comedy horrorcheck it out and until next time keepwatchin

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