Slush: positivity and anger from Melbourne

In Slush’s debut self-titled EP, the trio of Acacia Coates (she/her), Caitlyn Bardsley (she/her) and Scout Tester (they/them) produce punchy, yet sassy punk-rock ear-worms while incorporating personal experiences and issues close to their hearts.

The band balances positivity and anger, both musically and in the subject matter of the songs; some joyous power-pop bops which explore the giddy feelings of having a crush, (‘Middle Name’), and menstrual cups (‘Keep Cup’). While other songs which act as an outlet for frustrations around sexism and experiences as woman or gender non-conforming people. ‘Salty’ details personal experiences of misogynistic name-calling from men. ‘Bono’ confronts comments made by the U2 singer about modern rock music becoming too “girly”, and the problematic nature of negative attitudes towards femininity. While ‘Bleed’ is a searing punk tune outlining various misfortunes of having your period.

released May 10, 2019

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