The program(s)

I get a lot of music offered, with the promise that if it doesn’t suck, I’ll play it. That means a huge variety of stuff. If something is offered to me that fits in better with one of my colleagues, I pass it on to them, because music is better showcased by someone who knows the genre. That still leaves me with a huge variety of sounds, which is why I have split my program into two – Saturdays for the long haired content, and Sundays for the more ahem “calm” stuff.

The content

The priority content is what people offer me to play. I stand by my promise that if it doesn’t suck, I’ll play it. These artists are doing music for the sake of music, and that is what I love to showcase for people. The rest of what I play is usually a mixture of old obscure acts that never got off the ground, and acts that everybody else forgot about.

Genres? Try me. Okay okay, industrial and metal are my primary and secondary homes, but don’t be alarmed if you hear krautrock, synth pop, experimental electronica or classic post punk. Especially Sundays get quite a bit genre-bending, so put your explorer’s hats on when you tune in – for Saturdays, you just need earplugs.

The more the merrier

We run this whole thing out of our own pockets. That is why we rely on playing royalty free music. If you are fine with that, AND you own the rights to your own music, AND you’d like me to give you some air time, AND – most important – you don’t suck, then by all means drop me a note through our contact form.