Local bands not wanted!!!!!

After an amazing blow out show with national recording artists Saliva, MJ’s Music Bar made it clear to promoters and concert go

ers, Local bands are not wanted. Peppers Productions pulled off an amazing show at the venue on Fathers Dad, bringing in tons of music fans and their families. The Promoter called to schedule another great show when owner Dave XXXX told Peppers,” I don’t want any local bands inside my bar and as far as Caustic Method, I don’t want them back ever again. We are not a metal bar and we don’t have the demographics to hold shit like that.”
We believe local bands support local business and drive a very important part of the economy. Remember.. At one time Metallica was a local band too. At Anarchy-1 Radio we can fully testify that Caustic Method (Pavement Recording Artist), as well as the rest of the local support bands that played this past show definitely kick ass. It in fact it makes us want to turn it up to eleven in his front lawn at 3am. and as always get music that doesn’t suck at Anarchy-1.com.