Local bands not wanted!!!!!

After an amazing blow out show with national recording artists Saliva, MJ’s Music Bar made it clear to promoters and concert go

ers, Local bands are not wanted. Peppers Productions pulled off an amazing show at the venue on Fathers Dad, bringing in tons of music fans and their families. The Promoter called to schedule another great show when owner Dave XXXX told Peppers,” I don’t want any local bands inside my bar and as far as Caustic Method, I don’t want them back ever again. We are not a metal bar and we don’t have the demographics to hold shit like that.”
We believe local bands support local business and drive a very important part of the economy. Remember.. At one time Metallica was a local band too. At Anarchy-1 Radio we can fully testify that Caustic Method (Pavement Recording Artist), as well as the rest of the local support bands that played this past show definitely kick ass. It in fact it makes us want to turn it up to eleven in his front lawn at 3am. and as always get music that doesn’t suck at Anarchy-1.com.

Pepper’s Productions Presents – Saliva with special guest CAUSTIC METHOD

Pepper’s Productions Presents – Saliva with special guest CAUSTIC METHOD, Sunday, June 18th at MJ’s Music Bar in Fulton, New York 609 State Rt. 48 just 2 miles from Baldwinsville, New York. It’s Father’s Day and an all ages show. Tickets go on sale tomorrow for $25.00, and can be purchased at the venue or from me. Included in the ticket price is BBQ provided by MJ’s Music Bar. BBQ includes, pulled pork, chicken, sweet corn on the cob and salt potatos. Also there will be games for the family, volleyball and cornhole. Gates at 12:00 PM, it’s an early show and Father’s Day BBQ. TICKETS ARE LIMITED SO DON’T WAIT!!!!!!

We Don’t Have A Plan: The Final Year of Al Bundie’s Army (2015)

So… When Al Bundie’s Army was still a thing, we used to film a ton of shit. The last year of the band’s existence is chronicled in this doc, crammed into 45 minutes. We didn’t film everything, but I did my best with the footage I had to turn it into a coherent story. If you’re interested in what happened to the band, or want a window into our lives 2 years ago, give it a shot. Most of our failures are represented here. All things considered… I miss these dudes. 

M.O.D. gives updates on new album

M.O.D. is in the final stages of writing a brand new ripping record. I had a few offers from some labels. But in the end, the offers were nothing more than worthless bullshit. I have done M.O.D. for 26 years. And I have always made a record that I was proud of. Now I want to make this record that I have been working very hard on for the last 6 months. That is where you fans come in. I have always helped out many bands and musicians. And now I am asking my fans for donations to help make this record a reality. M.O.D. is currently getting ready to leave for our European tour as I type this. In return, I am offering you a very real NYHC Punk record that will be the best M.O.D. record I have ever done. The record will be available as a FREE download to all the M.O.D. fans in the world.